The Survival Guide to Kabul©

Published internationally in July 2003 as Kabul: The Bradt Mini Guide.

First published in Kabul in September 2002 as a pamphlet.



Women’s Bakery

Price List


- Cakes -

Chocolate mud cake                              small $15                   large $25

Carrot cake                                                 small $12                   large $20

Orange poppy cake                                small $12                   large $20

- Pies -

Cherry, Peach, Banana,

Other fruits in season                                $10

- Muffins - (dozen)

Chocolate                                                   $5

Fruit                                                                $5

Savory (salty)                                              $5

- Loaves -

Walnut loaf                                                  $3

Fruit and nut loaf                                       $3

Pound cake                                                 $5

- Breads -

Foccaccia bread                                      $2

Pita bread (6 pieces)                                $2




Women for Women International – Afghanistan and b’s place have partnered to help needy Afghan women learn new skills and earn an income. The Women’s Bakery trains women to make baked goods, providing them with jobs and an income. Enjoy the tasty products that emerge from the Bakery… and help support women’s efforts!


The bakers take special requests, and enjoy testing out your recipes. They are happy to learn new baked goods, and welcome any interested “guest trainers”!


Contact Information


b’s place                                                                                

Women for Women International – Afghanistan