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Published internationally in July 2003 as Kabul: The Bradt Mini Guide.

First published in Kabul in September 2002 as a pamphlet.



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Ahmed Rashid, March 24 2003:

The best and only guide for Kabul's hot spots, monuments, historical buildings and most important of all good places to eat. The guide has put Kabul on the map for the first time in 20 years.

Ahmed Rashid is best-selling author of the books Taliban and Jihad.



More comments in 2003:

Good job with travel book. Gave one to president and Foreign Minister each. They liked it and kept it.

(Afghanistan Foreign Ministry Spokesman)


Your web site has offered me the possibility to re-address all the negative press that is usually spread across the media - and represents, so I believe, Kabul and Afghanistan in a very realistic light.


I bought one copy from Supreme. Very Informative. Great Job and well documented. It will really assist a lot of people. Got some very useful info that I was not aware of.


I've just read the book and I'm so encouraged at the improvement there has been in the last nine months. It sounds like the place has been completely transformed. It really does sound as if things are getting much better.


Thanks very much for such a useful and informative site.


I've just got my copy of the Bradt Kabul guide, and I thought I'd send off a quick email to say congratulations. It's a great piece of work. I'm really looking forward to using it on the ground at some point.


First, let me say I am very impressed with your guide and the website!  It is the most up-to-date, down-to-earth site on Afghanistan that I've read so far.  Your story of Naser Barotali, one of the street sellers, was heart breaking and heart warming at the same time.  My question is how can one "buy" a copy of the guide from these street children and get the money to them?  If I download a copy, I feel I am cheating him out of his income.


Thank you for your interesting and informative site, I imagine it is of great use to Afghan first-timers and provides an valuable service.


From earlier in 2003 and 2002


You seem to be the authorities on what's going on on the ground over there.

Jessica Gunn, Caterer & Hotelkeeper magazine.


Currently the best travel website dedicated to Afghanistan.

Kabul Caravan.


I'm not sure if people are aware of the excellent Survival Guide to Kabul, but at the moment there's no better website for travel in Afghanistan, albeit restricted to the capital. Written by expats, it's not only a great guide, but as well as the website the authors printed up copies for street kids to sell, now that Kabul is awash with internationals. Excellent stuff - check it out!

Paul Clammer of Kabul Caravan also posted this remark on the Lonely Planet Thorn Tree discussion forum pages.


The Survival Guide to Kabul is an excellent practical source of information for visitors to Kabul.  It is regularly updated and available electronically.  It has a wealth of information on hotels, guesthouses, restaurants, plus practical tips on mobile phones, language classes and personal security. 

British Agencies Afghanistan Group (BAAG)


This flimsy guide is packed with the kind of useful practical info that can transform a trying experience in an unknown and somewhat alien capital into a comfortable and interesting stay. More than that, however, it helps you understand this city in the throes of recovery. For anyone who drops into Kabul it's the essential aide to navigating the uncertainties of a place where there is little or no published info to point you in the right direction (there's certainly nothing that's up to date), and where things are still changing on an almost daily basis. The web version is updated as often as necessary and the small print runs mean that the hard copy never lags far behind. The fact that it provides a much-needed source of income to the street kids who distribute it à la Big Issue - is to be highly commended.

Brian Wood, Travelbag Adventures, 15 Turk Street, Alton, GU34 1AG, United Kingdom

Tel:  +44 (0) 1420 541446, Fax: +44 (0) 1420 541022,


Extremely cool.


What an excellent resource.




I was really surprised when I found your site in the net. It is a great idea and I have to say in the name of all Afghans THANK YOU!


Your splendid guide does two essential things admirably - it captures the spirit of the place (bustling, resourceful) and it whets the travellers appetite (the open air cinema on Tuesdays sounds fantastic).


This is an excellent practical source of information for visitors to Kabul.  It is regularly updated and available electronically.  It has a wealth of information on hotels, guesthouses, restaurants, plus practical tips on mobile phones, language classes and personal security.


Your Survival Guide is an excellent initiative which I, and many other internationals here, much appreciate. Thanks again and looking forward to the next edition!


Excellent!  Thanks for this -- helpful and a good read.  Sounds like at the very least there are at least a few more restaurant choices in lovely Kabul these days. I had nightmares about Kabuli Pilau for weeks after getting back to the US.


That looks fantastic and I shall peruse it at my leisure, it will give me an insight into your Kabul lives. Thanks again for this's great.


Loved your guidebook. I hope you got a grant to create it, as it would be an excellent use of donor funds to educate all their newbies.


Excellent!!!! I will forward this to my friends for sure.


I would like to congratulate you on the editing of such an interesting and complete guide.



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كابل، افغانستان

The Survival Guide to Kabul©