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Published internationally in July 2003 as Kabul: The Bradt Mini Guide.

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A new Irish Bar for Kabul

July 31 2003


A new Irish Bar opened in Kabul on Thursday July 31 2003 at the Mustafa Hotel.


Kelt’s Irish Bar, Mustafa Hotel, Kabul.





Hi Dominic,


Thursday night next: Wais and I will launch the "Kelt's Irish Bar Kabul" - so please go for it and put it on the "Kabul Guide" web-site - we hope to have Draught Guinness on tap and up and running in the bar same night - if now very soon! We will definitely have canned Guinness in stock, with the usual others too!


The terrace portion of the "Kelt's Irish Bar" will feature umbrella tables from the Irish Club and the old Irish marble bar counter-top and other trimmings etc. Real surprise for all the old Irish Club goers and the new folks too!


The hotel has its own pizza located on the same terrace as the bar, we will be working with the chef over the coming weeks to teach some Irish Farm-house Breakfast favourites and of course Irish stews and other dishes from Ireland.


We are looking for a Manager to run the place – could suit some one visiting Afghanistan with working partner - male/female can apply! Salary and other benefits generous!


Some of the old waiters, staff-members, known to club goers will be re-employed, after they finalise on-going training at the German Restaurant. Kevin, head barman, will remain working at the German Restaurant.


It must be stated that the "Kelt's Irish Bar" is not the new Irish Club for Kabul. That is still separate project. We continue to seek out a pleasant enough mansion within reach of the International Community for the comfort and enjoyment of services in Afghanistan


We look forward - "Kelt's Irish Bar" - to a long term relationship with the Mustafa Hotel in Kabul.


Slainte a Chara ! (Cheers my friend!)




LINK: The Mustafa Hotel.


LINK: Remember the Irish Club that opened on St Patrick’s Day 2003.


كابل، افغانستان

The Survival Guide to Kabul©