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Published internationally in July 2003 as Kabul: The Bradt Mini Guide.

First published in Kabul in September 2002 as a pamphlet.



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·          July – November 2003


The Afghanistan Foreign Press Association – launched in May 2004 - a first port of call for visiting journalists and a source of practical information. More details…



December 3 2004

Pictures: Restaurant Update.


Pictures: Kabul and Afghanistan in 1967-69.


Pictures: Dominic Medley photo exhibition.


July 2004

Restaurants Update article from AFGHAN SCENE MAGAZINE.

Flower Street Catering menu.

Mediterraneo Club menu.


Dr. Whitney Azoy lectures on Buzkashi.


Hotels Update article from AFGHAN SCENE MAGAZINE.


Walking in Kabul articles.


June 2004

Afghan Scene Magazine launched.


May 14 2004

Pictures: The Kabul Golf Club.


April 30 2004

Pictures: Elbow Room Restaurant and Bar.


April 1 2004


With articles from Ahmed Rashid, Christina Lamb, Lyse Doucet, Said Tayeb Jawad and others this magazine helps the street children. 4000 have been printed thanks to the generosity of the advertisers. The children receive the magazine for free and sell it for as much they can with a recommended price of $2. The published articles also appear online. More…


Kabul pictures from Norwegian photo journalist Kjetil Palmquist.


March 27 2004

Pictures: ISAF Patrol, Paghman.


March 25 2004

Pictures: In the Bibi Mahro Hill Minefield.


March 24 2004

Pictures: An Evening at the Nomad Carpet Gallery – $1000 raised for charity.


March 20 2004

Pictures: Afghan New Year kebabs at the Mustafa Hotel courtyard.


March 10 2004

Pictures: The Survival Guide to Kabul hosted an evening with the Bookseller of Kabul, Shah Mohammad Rais.


March 6 2004

Pictures: The Survival Guide to Kabul hosted an exclusive tour of Kabul Museum.


The Essential Field Guide to Afghanistan – the fully revised second edition. Details…


And what the Field guide says about Kabul: The Bradt Mini Guide:

     “The Survival Guide to Kabul, Dominic Medley & Jude Barrand, Bradt Travel Guides Ltd (England, 2003) - ISBN 1 84162 085 8. Small but perfectly formed pocket guide, essential for anyone visiting Kabul. Some copies are sold by street children, who keep the profits.”


February 18 2004

Pictures: The Survival Guide to Kabul hosted An Evening at the Nomad Carpet Shop.


February 17 2004

New restaurant: Taste.


IWPR: Afghanistan Rolls Out the Welcome Mat

Developers are rushing to provide luxury hotel accommodation for visitors to the capital.


January 18 2004

Letter to the New York Times: The Bookseller’s Life by Vanni Cappelli.

Profile: The Bookseller of Kabul.


December 30 2003

New website for the Deutscher Hof Restaurant:



Kabul, November 2003, by Tokyo photojournalist Charles Pertwee.


December 2003

Outside Magazine: The Kabul Express article begins with the launch of the Kabul Mini Guide in June 2003.


December 5 2003

USA Today features Kabul Mini Guide on front page of travel section: Online article (see full article).


November 22 2003

The Guardian: “The mini-guide to Kabul (£9.95) would make a good stocking-filler.”

Check article.


The Sunday Times Afghanistan Appeal

Christina Lamb (The Sewing Circles of Herat) has let us know about this year’s Christmas Appeal. The newspaper is supporting Afghan Connection and Sandy Gall’s Afghanistan Appeal.

To donate click:

For more information see Christina’s article on the Bulletin Board and The Times.


November 29 2003

Profile: The Bookseller of Kabul.

Pictures: Bomb damage at the Intercontinental Hotel.

November 28 2003

The Guardian: Pilgrims flock to pay tribute to the Afghan Elvis.

November 24 2003

BBC: Many Afghans see bright future.

November 22 2003

VOA: Bomb Blast Causes Minor Damage.

AP: Rocket explodes outside major Kabul hotel.

The Guardian: List of attacks in Kabul.

Photo Story: Intercontinental Hotel


November 20 2003

In Memoriam: Bettina Goislard, UNHCR.


November 18 2003

BBC: UN puts Afghan operations on hold.

Reuters: NATO on trial as Afghanistan spins out of control.

November 17 2003

UNHCR: UNHCR suspends activities after staff member killed in eastern Afghanistan.

AP: U.N. Suspending Some Afghan Operations.

November 13 2003

RFE/RL: Afghanistan: Two Years Later, Taliban's Sudden Withdrawal From Kabul Still Affecting Transition.

The Guardian: Red Kabul revisited. Are the US rulers of Afghanistan at last adopting the agenda of their Soviet predecessors?

November 12 2003

BBC: Regenerating Afghanistan’s Buddha region.

Globe and Mail: Brave man guards Kabul gold.

November 3 2003

USA Today: Afghanistan unveils long delayed constitution.

November 3 2003

The Guardian: Nightmare sequel to bestseller on Kabul family life.

November 2 2003

BBC: UN seeks to bolster Afghan leader.

UN: Security Council mission arrives in Afghanistan to back central Government.


كابل، افغانستان

The Survival Guide to Kabul©