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Published internationally in July 2003 as Kabul: The Bradt Mini Guide.

First published in Kabul in September 2002 as a pamphlet.



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July – November 2003



·          July – November 2003

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November 29 2003

Profile: The Bookseller of Kabul.

Pictures: Bomb damage at the Intercontinental Hotel.

November 28 2003

The Guardian: Pilgrims flock to pay tribute to the Afghan Elvis.

November 24 2003

BBC: Many Afghans see bright future.

November 22 2003

VOA: Bomb Blast Causes Minor Damage.

AP: Rocket explodes outside major Kabul hotel.

The Guardian: List of attacks in Kabul.

Photo Story: Intercontinental Hotel


November 20 2003

In Memoriam: Bettina Goislard, UNHCR.


November 18 2003

BBC: UN puts Afghan operations on hold.

Reuters: NATO on trial as Afghanistan spins out of control.

November 17 2003

UNHCR: UNHCR suspends activities after staff member killed in eastern Afghanistan.

AP: U.N. Suspending Some Afghan Operations.

November 13 2003

RFE/RL: Afghanistan: Two Years Later, Taliban's Sudden Withdrawal From Kabul Still Affecting Transition.

The Guardian: Red Kabul revisited. Are the US rulers of Afghanistan at last adopting the agenda of their Soviet predecessors?

November 12 2003

BBC: Regenerating Afghanistan’s Buddha region.

Globe and Mail: Brave man guards Kabul gold.

November 3 2003

USA Today: Afghanistan unveils long delayed constitution.

November 3 2003

The Guardian: Nightmare sequel to bestseller on Kabul family life.

November 2 2003

BBC: UN seeks to bolster Afghan leader.

UN: Security Council mission arrives in Afghanistan to back central Government.


October 30 2003

The Guardian special report: Our friends, the warlords.

October 30 2003

Washington Post: Pageant Flap Bares Depth of Tradition for Afghans.

October 29 2003

BBC: Opium ‘threatens’ Afghan future.

UN: UN survey finds opium production on the rise in Afghanistan.

UN pdf file: Full UN report.

October 29 2003

New York Times: Bookseller of Kabul v Journalist of Oslo.

October 19 2003

The Observer: Afghans uncover last treasure.

October 14 2003

BBC: Afghan peace mission expanded.

UN: Security Council approves expanding international force to outside Afghan capital.


September 30 2003

International Crisis Group report: Disarmament and Reintegration in Afghanistan.

September 29 2003

International Crisis Group report: Peacebuilding in Afghanistan.

August 16 2003

National Post Canada: In Kabul, you never know who might fire on you.

August 11 2003

BBC Analysis: Nato’s new Afghan mission.

BBC: Nato takes over Afghan command.

NATO takes on Afghanistan mission.

NATO to assume command of ISAF.

Website: ISAF

Website: NATO

Website: NATO in Afghanistan

August 9 2003

Daily Mirror: The Ex-SAS Man Facing Execution.

August 5 2003

International Crisis Group report: The Problem of Pashtun Alienation.

BBC Article.

July 15 2003

Best-selling Author Ahmed Rashid Promotes Open Media Fund for Afghanistan.

July 14 2003

NATO Update: Preparations for Afghanistan continue.


NATO in Afghanistan.

The Jerusalem Report

At One with the Taliban.

July 13 2003

The Sunday Times: Who dares, travels.



July 12 2003 BBC: Adventure tourists head to Afghanistan.

July 8 2003 Amnesty International report: Afghanistan: Crumbling prison system desperately in need of repair".

July 4 2003 NATO: NATO developments on Afghanistan.

Website to check out: Fast Track Kabul.

July 1 2003 New York Times: Desperation in Kabul.

June 21 2003 The Times Travel Section: To Afghanistan, in Alexander’s footsteps.

Website to check out: Travel Afghanistan.

Website to check out: Tales of Asia by travel writer Gordon Sharpless. Travels in Afghanistan May 2003.




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The Survival Guide to Kabul©