The Survival Guide to Kabul©

Published internationally in July 2003 as Kabul: The Bradt Mini Guide.

First published in Kabul in September 2002 as a pamphlet.



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March – July 2003


June 21 2003 The Times Travel Section: To Afghanistan, in Alexander’s footsteps.

Website to check out: Travel Afghanistan.

Website to check out: Tales of Asia by travel writer Gordon Sharpless. Travels in Afghanistan May 2003.

June 18 2003 BBC TALKING POINT: Afghanistan: Is the world doing enough? Email your thoughts.

ICG Report: Afghanistan’s Flawed Constitutional Process.

BBC article.  UN Kabul press conference reaction to report.

June 16 2003 BBC: UN helps rebuild Afghan culture.

June 16 2003 In Pictures – Rebuilding Afghanistan: Looking after the children.

June 7 2003 Bomb blast in Kabul: BBCCNNAFPAP

June 4 2003 - Online Debate with Journalist Peter Oborne.


May 29 2003 The Guardian: 'We have been promised so much, billions of dollars, but where has it gone?'

May 29 2003 AsiaSource: Interview with Barnett Rubin.

May 25 2003 Observer Review article – On the roads of ruin.

May 6 2003 CNN: Old rivalries hinder Afghanistan.

May 3 2003 World Press Freedom Day: Reporters sans Frontieres 2002 Annual Report on Afghanistan.

May 3 2003 AREU Report: Land Rights are a Major Source of Conflict in Afghanistan.

May 2 2003 HRW: Sharp Rise in Press Attacks in Afghanistan.

RFE/RL: Afghanistan’s new draft constitution: a sneak preview.

UK FCO: New UK Ambassador to Afghanistan.


On this day April 29 1978 BBC: Afghan coup rebels claim victory.

On this day April 28 2002 BBC: Afghan anniversary gives pause for thought.

On this day April 28 2002 BBC: Mujahideen relive Kabul triumph.

On this day April 27 1998 BBC: 20th anniversary of the Communist revolution.

April 17 2003 NATO Press Release: Same name, same banner, same mission as NATO enhances ISAF role.

April 2003 World Press Review Afghanistan: Operation Freedom.


March 31 2003 Afghanistan Country report on Human Rights Practices


كابل، افغانستان

The Survival Guide to Kabul©